• Resistive Switching Devices for Memory and Reconfigurable Logic Applications


We are interested in developing novel electronic devices and materials, understanding the fundamental science at the atomic/electronic level, and applying such emerging devices to circuits and integrated systems to address computing challenges.

Wei Lu


  • [July-2019] Fuxi’s paper on the integrated memristor chip published in Nature Electronics as Cover Article.
  • [May-2019] Jong Hoon Shin defended his PhD Thesis. Congratulations to Dr. Shin!
  • [February-2019] Xiaojian’s paper on ionic effects in memristive MoS2 devices published in Nature Materials.
  • [December-2018] Fuxi Cai defended his PhD Thesis. Congratulations to Dr. Cai!
  • [November-2018] YeonJoo Jeong defended his PhD Thesis. Congratulations to Dr. Jeong!

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Current Projects

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 Devices & materials studies on two-terminal resistive switches (RRAM/memristors)

Figure of memristor

 Memristor based neuromorphic computing and in-memory computing circuits


Nanowire electronic devices